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Google DayDream 2 Review

Look and feel of Google Daydream is indeed great. The headset is lightweight, unlike other VR gears that we have used so far. Secondly, the cushioned material at the eye sockets is easier for us to wear it while we watched different VR content. There is also an elastic strap at the back that helped us adjust the headset and kept it steady while we used it.

Apart from this, there is a front door which holds the users' smartphone. In case you haven't used a virtual reality headset earlier, here's what you need to do to get started:

1. Open the headset's front door
2. Keep your smartphone in it and close it
3. Place the headset on your head and adjust till the image starts looking clear
4. Adjust the elastic straps
5. Hold a button on the remote control and you're set to roll

The remote control system on Daydream allows you to select various options while one is using the VR headset. We must say that this made the whole VR experience extremely immersive. The remote control is simple to use. It has a clickable trackpad, two buttons to select various functions, and a volume rocker button. It has to be connected the smartphone being used in the VR headset via Bluetooth.

What we particularly liked about the remote is that it senses motion, so you can perform various functions just by tilting or moving the remote itself. You'll particularly notice this feature if you download the Fantastic apps. The remote control becomes your wand and the wand moves each time you move the remote control. And to select various objects, you have to click on the trackpad.
Overall, we really liked the look and feel of Google Daydream View, mostly for the comfort that it offers. However, do keep in mind that prolonged usage may leave red lines on your forehead. And also, using any VR headset for too long strains your eyes and there's a chance you might feel a headache. But that's not something we can blame Google for, as it is a problem with all VR headsets.


For a virtual reality fan, Daydream View is literally and figuratively virtual treat for anyone. As we said, VR can leave you spellbound so even and even those who are not really into it that much can enjoy with the VR headset at least for a while.

There are a number of apps that you can download and play VR content with, though most of them are paid. We used a number of apps and played quite a few games on the VR headset to see how it performed.

To begin with, we would want to say that it's best to use the VR headset in dark as it shows its true colours there (pun unintended). Not that it performs inadequately in well lit conditions but still somehow light does manage to get in.

We first got acquainted with Daydream Home, which had cartoon like images and gave us the option of choosing the app we want to use and even briefed us with a tutorial before we got started. During the tutorial, we spotted creatures in the forest using our torch (controller), played fetch with an Arctic fox, looked for animals in a desert, and more. Note that you can download apps directly from here and there isn't always a need to taking your phone out, downloading a new app and then using it.
The obvious place to start was using various apps by Google and we chose the Street View app to begin with. We have already seen content from Google Street View on VR earlier on Cardboard. It's needless to say that the experience goes up several notches on Daydream View. But it's not right to compare the two, given the difference in their pricing.

With Google Street View, you can literally go to any famous place in the world. Do it with Daydream VR and it is truly an excellent experience. The 360 degree view just makes it more impressive. YouTube was another very obvious app that we tried, and it let us watch VR content as well as other content from its app.

We used Horizons app, which had a number of interactive musical journeys and played music from Bonobo. We could change and control music using the remote control and the interactive and immersive backgrounds changed with it. If you are planning to use this app, do remember to use headphones along with it, otherwise it's quite pointless.

The app, however, fascinated us most was the we really enjoyed using was Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Potterhead alert! which took us directly inside Newt Scamander's suitcase. Like we have mentioned earlier, our remote control turned into a wand and whenever we pointed at an object and clicked the trackpad on our remote, a new action was performed. The character's voice told us what to do and we followed instructions to find the beasts.

Overall, watching VR content on Daydream wasn't a bad deal far more comfortable than others for sure give the fabric and cushion like material it is made from.

Not to say that it was a flawless as there were a few things which could have been improved.
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