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Mac OS High Sierra was released in 2017, publicly available on 25th September with some bugs which was fixed later in updates. High Sierra was named after the mountains High Sierra in California. Apple's Mac operating system's name is named after mountains, it all started with Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and now High Sierra.

High Sierra was one of my favourite operating systems in the Mac OS lineup. Until the Mojave happened. High Sierra has great stability for everything from simple task handling to advanced gaming. It never had any performance issues and it also included virtual reality support which was most important in the year 2018.

Year 2018 is the year of virtual reality. Earlier this year Virtual Reality was only on some major platforms but from this year we have seen VR technology coming to many of the modern devices including smart phones, iPhones, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.

One of the major changes High Sierra brought was the apfs file system also called as apple file system format. APFS file system claims to have much more stability and improvements on Macs running with SSD's in their hardware. This means that there will be no major improvements for Macs which are running hard disk drives in their hardware now. However we tried using the High Sierra with the old file format system i.e. MacOS Extended Journaled and with the newer file format system i.e. APFS with the hardware running with SSD's but there was not much any significant changes we saw. May be Apple will fix this with time and future updates but as of now there isn't any much advantages of doing so.

One more thing we saw in the APFS file system was that the Time Machine does't work with the apfs file system. May be APFS file system was meant to be in internal boot drive only but we couldn't use the time machine on external SSD's running on apfs file system.

APFS file system was already rolled out as an update to all the iOS 10.3 users worldwide. It has now only come to the Mac operating systems.

With the High Sierra we have started seeing a message on installing and using 32 bit apps saying that 32 bit support will be removed in future updates so please ask your software developer to update the app in 64 bit format. So we can say that Apple is intending to remove the 32 bit apps support in the future versions of macOS. It will be better to switch to 64 bit apps to prevent them from stop working.

We tried playing games on Mac via Steam and we saw minor improvements in graphics performance. We played Counter Strike Global Offensive in High Sierra and we were getting around 33 FPS with minimum game settings. It was a great experience playing CSGO.

High Sierra can run on any apple computer running macOS Sierra because apple stated same hardware requirements for the High Sierra Update. So, if you can a Mac Computer running macOS Sierra then you can directly get macOS High Sierra as a free update on the Mac App Store.
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