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gta V on mac

GTA V was released more than five years ago and it still manages to be in the top of list for open city games as of 2018. Every gamer is aware of the popularity and history of this game. I am also a huge fan of this game. I have played this game on PC and MAC both via steam.

Minimum requirements to play this game is as follows:
60 GB Storage
8 GB RAM recommended
6 GB RAM Minimum
Graphics Nvidia 720M or above
Intel HD 4000 or Above

Today I will be providing you my experience of playing this game on the MacBook Air (Mac OS High Sierra) via Bootcamp Windows 10.

MacBook Air Specifications:
256 GB Storage
Intel HD 6000 Graphics
Intel Core i5 5th Generation Clocked at 1.8 GHz with Turbo Boost at 2.9 GHz

Playing this game on Mac via Steam was great. I faced no issues in playing this game on normal graphics settings. Just max settings would start lag on your game performance of course  because it's a MacBook Air not a Pro. On my several hours of playing this game on mac I have not noticed a single lag even though mac would get extremely hot and touching temperatures of 80-85 degrees. Fan would also make loud noises. I was able to get an average frame per second rate of around 20-25 FPS.

I also tried playing this game on connecting it to my external TV via Thunderbolt 2 port. My tv resolution was 1920x1080 i.e. Full HD.  While on laptop the game was on 1440x900 i.e. 720p HD. When I started playing game on Full HD TV I noticed a little frame drop of around 18-23 frame per second rate, but if I lower the game settings it could come back to normal frame per second rate. So I would suggest that don't play game on full resolution of 1920x1080 instead lower the game resolution to 720p HD. That would make the game run normally even when connected to a full HD monitor or display. Playing game on 720 settings on full hd display would allow us to give an average frame rate of 20-25 frame per second. It is not high as compared to other gaming laptops but it is sufficient enough to give you a smooth game play experience on this light weight ultra notebook.

The overall experience of this game on a MacBook Air was pretty impressive and smooth. However I would not recommend anyone to buy this machine specifically to play games in it. There are other windows computers out there at the same price range with much better specifications which would allow to play games at much higher game settings and also with much better frame per second rate. Other Windows computers at the same price segment could do miracles while playing this game. So if you are a gamer it is not suggested to buy a MacBook Air instead buy a windows computer. I would say if you already has a MacBook Air you can play GTA V on this machine by installing Windows 10 via Apple's Bootcamp Support. But remember don't play games on this machine regularly because it is not designed to do so, it could damage the fans inside it. MacBook Air was designed to do some basic works like making presentations, surfing web, watching movies or just programming.

In the end I would like to thank you for reading my article and I hope it helped you in gaining the knowledge.
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