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Looking for a best web development company in Pune/Delhi, India then we are happy to inform you that your search has come to an end.

GeekyWonk Biz is a company which offers custom web design/development services and helps businesses bring the right image online.

If you have just started out , we will guide you through the complicated process of buying a domain name/server for your business/organization, to setting up your corporate emails, getting your brand an identity which would involve logo design, business cards and letterheads. This ensures that befoe  we finish developing your website, you are ready to make business. 

The website that we will develop for you will be easily accessible by any kind of devices like computers, tablets and mobiles. By the way do you know that over 85% of internet visitors in India and across the world visit internet by using mobile phones ?

Our websites are fully SEO optimised and rank high on search engines like Google/Bing. This will help your business increase sales to as many customers needing your products/services out there who are constantly searching online. You are missing out big time if you are not on search engines. We cannot emphasise more on the importance of being present on Google. Picture this, there is someone out there looking for your products or services online and they happen to land on your website. Your job will just be to convert them into leads. This is pretty easy compared to hawking your products or services to people who have gone to socialize on social media.

Being present on Google is an important task but social media is also equally important. It comes very useful especially when customers are very happy with a product or service that you offer/offered and they want to share it with their friends or just want to leave a comment or review. Some clients also prefer to message you on Facebook when they need support or assistance. Some would expect your business to see more products/services photos on Instagram while some would prefer ordering your products or services via WhatsApp. It is for this cause that we design the websites are social media friendly.

Feel free to call us on +91 7875830077 or send us an email on business@geekywonk.com

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